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The SBMU Cancer Research Center (CRC) was established in 2005. Cancer is a disease originating from the Biological, cultural, economic, and social behaviors, as well as the policies made by the authorities, and politicians, individual behaviors, and cell and tissue activities. In Iran, cancer is the third cause of death, and some 130 individuals die due to cancers. The years lost due to cancer by mortality and morbility (DALY) rates mount to some 650,000 years bearing the fourth rank of diseases in Iran. The disease direct accounts for at least 6 billion dollars annually. There are about 85000 new cases of cancers found in the country whose rate of prevalence varies according to the geographical locations in the country. ASR for male and female are132.19 and 123.55 Per 100/000 respectivly.

Considering the survival rate in cancer patients, on the average, there are 450,000 cancer patients in Iran; cancer is a disease in need of team work and inter-disciplinary specialties, and it can never be cared through caring of one individual or a specific field. Bearing what was said above, the necessity for establishing the SBMU CRC is well felt in the country and SBMU as a major university feels this sensitivity more than before. Therefore, the SBMU CRC was officially established at Shohada-E-Tajrish Educational Hospital in 2006 with the attempts and collaboration of the interested academic staff and SBMU high ranking authorities.

A Note From Dean:

Professor Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari

Chairman of Cancer Research Center, Chairman of Iran Association of Medical Education, Chairman of Life Without Smoking Association, Chairman of COACH Institute, member of the National Cancer Control Committee.
He completed his surgical oncology fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in US; he also is a professor of Surgery in Department of Surgery at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.
For more information please see his CV.

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