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Research Priorities

Research Priorities


A) Clinical studies:

Research diffrent clinical aspects such as diagnosis, treatment, prevention adverse effects of treatment, rehabilitation, and prognosis in cancer cancers as following :

1) Breast Cancer.

2) Gastric Cancer.

3) Colon Cancer.

4) Esophageal cancer.

5) Thyroid Cancer.

6) Cancers of the female reproductive system.


B) Various aspects of treatment:

1) Effectiveness of different techniques in radiotherapy (IORT/EBRT).

2) Common side effects of chemotherapy in cancer.

3) Common side effects of cancer radiotherapy.

4) Factors affecting the choice of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

5) Evaluation the cost effectiveness of various medications, radiation therapy and surgery in most prevalent cancers.


C) Conduct investigations for making an effective drug in the treatment of various cancers in Iran:

Determine their effectiveness based on clinical trial.


D) Basic Scienes:

Immunological,  pathological and  genetics study  of cancer genomes to discover the most effective and the most reactive antibodies and proteomics in Iranian patients.

1) Breast Cancer.

2) Colon Cancer.

3) Gastric Cancer.

4) Esophageal cancer.

5)Thyroid Cancer.

6)Female Reproductive system.


E) Epidemiological studies:

Epidemiological studies for different cancers and estimato epidemiologies indices.


F) Social and psychological aspects:

1)Psyco Oncology.

2) Quality of life in patients with cancer.

3) Supportive and palliative care of cancer patients.

4) The effectiveness of  training in prevention, care and rehabilitation, for:

  •     patients.
  •     Families of patients.
  •     population.

5)The costeffectiveness of various treatments on the quality and quantity of life(QALYandDALY).

6) Determine the components of health economics in prevention, careand treatment.


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